Redwing 26 by Chesapeake Marine Design

Pilothouse power cruiser

Length overall26'7.92 m
Beam8' 6"2.59 m
Draft1' 6"0.46 m
Weight4800 lbs2177 kg
Engine power20 - 30
Hull construction Plywood
Gallery 6 photos
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REDWING 26 was designed for a client who wanted a larger version of the successful REDWING series to cruise the intercoastal waterways. She is designed for modest power including an outboard or inboard.

Speed is a relaxing 8 to 10 knots depending on power selected. A sound isolated engine will provide hours of silent cruising. She will be economical to power and cruise long distances on very little fuel. She has accommodations for two or four in her cozy cabin layout.

Cruising will be a joy as you cruise quietly enjoying the sights and sounds as you travel the waterways. Glue and screw construction is 1/2" plywood and epoxy over straight frames and bulkheads. The hull will go together quickly and finish and trim will take the most time depending on the level of finish desired by the owner. Plans include: materials, lines, set-up, construction, and arrangement.

We have added a new Box Keel Option for the Redwing 26. This can be an easy add on to the flat bottom version, inboard or outboard. Box keels are very popular on serious long distance passage makers for a good reason. Benefits of the box keel include:

  • Reduces bow slamming, better than a shallow Vee,
  • Dampens roll motion for a more comfortable ride in a seaway,
  • Tracks well for good course keeping,
  • Protects for the propeller on inboard or outboard installations,
  • Protects against bottom damage. Can be filled with foam in its entirety or just in the bow,
  • May be used for battery, ballast or other storage,
  • Reduces shaft angle for inboard engine installations,
  • Easy and inexpensive to build as an add-on option to the easily build flat botom,
  • No increase in draft for the inboard version and only slight increase for the outboard version when the motor is tilted up.

All of these great features provide more comfort, safety and fun at little added cost. You will find much more capability for the dollar.

A new motor sailor version of the Redwing 26 has been designed. It has a shallow draft, ballasted keeland improved seakeeping ability.

Estimated cost for quality construction materials (not including power) is $30000. This cost includes a high level of outfit and finish you can be proud of after putting the effort into building this fine boat.

Interior layout
Redwing 26 box keel option
Redwing 26 box keel option
Motor sailer option
Motor sailer option

Photo gallery


On the water
On the water

At the dock
At the dock


Steering wheel
Steering wheel

Redwing 26 pilothouse
Redwing 26 pilothouse

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