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Quattro 16
Quattro 16
16ft twin trapeze beach catamaran
LOA: 16' 5"/5 m

Quattro 14
Quattro 14
14ft single trapeze beach catamaran
LOA: 14'/4.3 m

14ft fun beach catamaran
LOA: 14'/4.3 m

14ft high performance racing dinghy
LOA: 13' 9"/4.2 m

16ft seaworthy rowing boat
LOA: 16'/4.86 m

Amateur boatbuilding news

Duo dinghy test capsizes
Capsize test for Duo dinghy in controlled conditions. Tests done for both rowing and sailing versions.

Boat details: Duo

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Argie 15. "Kuraku". Pushing the Boundries
Sailing the Argie 15 "Kuraku" in stronger winds. Once or twice, it got my heart pounding but the Argie remained steady and dry.

Boat details: Argie 15

2011 Texas 200 Sherpa Dinghy
2011 Texas 200 Welsford Sherpa screaming along in high winds.

Boat details: Sherpa

Sportboat 18 - Lady C
A rare video of Sport Boat 18 "Lady C" sailing under assymetrical spi.

Boat details: Sport Boat 18

Water Music The video
A short video of first sailing trip on Gypsy catamaran "Water Music". Owner's granddaughter took the helm for the first time in her life, and proved to be a very good sailor right from the start.

Boat details: Gypsy

Building Tread Lightly a design by John Welsford
Building Tread Lightly with a modified and shortened cabin for day sailing. The boat is built with a built in electric trolling motor and oar ports to accommodate rowing the boat easily.

Boat details: Tread Lightly

Flipping the Fafnir
Flipping the Fafnir, a DIY plywood sailboat by John Welsford. The hull is finished, they are now building the keel.

Boat details: Fafnir

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