Carolina Sportfish 25 with Cabin by

[CX25] Identical to Carolina Sportfish 25 but with a cabin

Length overall25'7.63 m
Beam8' 6"2.59 m
Weight1907 lbs865 kg
Engine powerup to 400
Hull construction Stich-n-glue
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The CX25 is an offshore boat based on the Carolina Sport Fishing boats lines. The hull is identical to our CS25. We offer two hull materials option: foam sandwich or plywood-epoxy-fiberglass composite.

Classic, traditional styling and exceptional performance, are the culmination of many years of design and refinements. This particular "style" of craft excels in performance, functionality and seaworthiness.

The wide beam, flared bow with a fine entry and the transom tumblehome are characteristic of the type. Paraphrasing the words of Buddy Davis, one of the best boat builders in that style, we can say that this boat is designed to cut through head seas, run on rails in following, breaking seas, and lie still while drifting in deep troughs waiting for a strike.

With its deep, narrow entry, this type of hull doesn't pound, it slices. Thanks to its skeg, impossible to manufacture in an open mold fiberglass boat, it never wanders, it tracks.

The 17 degree deadrise is just right. In offshore sport fishing boat design, almost everybody abandoned the very high deadrise that will rock you to death, it is just too unstable.

Its lightweight composite construction allows its bow wave to start amidships, keeping its nose up just enough to keep the crew dry and comfortable.

At trolling speeds,the wide beam provide stability and the high flared bow reduces wave taking or sprays.

This boats transom is designed for a standard 25" shaft. The transom can easily be modified to accept other shaft lengths.

The self bailing cockpit is more than 28" deep at its lowest point and cockpit depth standing on the casting deck is more than 30", an important safety factor.

The cabin layout is typical of that type of boat: a generous vee berth with a drop down table (not shown) followed by a galley unit on the port side and a head on the starboard side.

The head is isolated from the cabin by a real door, not a curtain. The galley can accommodate a fridge, sink and stove. Headroom is close to 6' under the companion way hatch and there is comfortable sitting headroom over the vee berth.

There is ample room for tanks: fresh water and waste.


The main option is hull material. Our standard material is plywood-epoxy-fiberglass composite but this boat can be built from foam sandwich. The specifications for that material are included on the plans. We specify Divinycell for the hull and Renicell for the transom plus different types of directional fiberglass. All materials for the foam sandwich version are available at our online store BoatBuilderCentral.

The foam sandwich version does not require more skills than the plywood version. The building is slightly more elaborate but presents no difficulty. Instead of planking the jig with plywood, you cover it with foam. All other building steps are identical for the two versions except for some high density foam inserts in strategic locations. Those small differences are clearly show on a separate sheet of the plans. The lamination schedule is very different.

The plans show a transom bracket for single or twin engines. The single engine bracket can be fitted with a kicker.

The CX25 can be made unsinkable boat with our USCG approved marine flotation foam.

Carolina Sportfish 25 with Cabin


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Design Length Beam Sail area Engine power Compare
Carolina Sportfish 25 Carolina Sportfish 25 by
[CS25] An offshore boat based on the Carolina Sport Fishing boats lines
7.63 m
8' 6"
2.59 m
- up to 280

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