Fast Skiff 17 by

[FS17] An easy to build but able vee hull

Length overall17'5.2 m
Beam7' 1"2.15 m
Draft7"0.17 m
Weight315 lbs143 kg
Displacement1466 lbs665 kg
Engine power25 to 50
Hull construction Stich-n-glue
See also Fast Skiff 12Fast Skiff 14Outboard Dory 16Outboard Dory 18



The design goal was a capable small skiff in the style of the Simmons Sea Skiff. The boat had to be economical and simple to build, in the spirit of our OD16 and OD18, with the same seagoing capability. The building procedure being identical to the FS12, FS14 and FS18.

Starting with a sketch posted by one of our forum users (thank you Chris Harris), we designed the FS17.

Our builders like to customize their boats and we kept that in mind during the design.

This is an easily driven hull with 25 degrees deadrise at the cutwater and almost none at the transom: 3.5 degrees. Enough vee to take a good chop offshore but sufficient beam at the chine for good stability. The hull depth is 26" in the middle, the bow is 37" high. The stern is very buoyant thanks to the high motor well bulkhead. This boat will not be swamped over the transom.

In all versions, the sole is well above the waterline and the cockpit is self draining. Note the high designed displacement: it places the waterline just below the cockpit sole at level trim. Most FS17 will never be loaded to that point and their draft will be less than the 7" listed.

Fast Skiff 17

See also

Design Length Beam Sail area Engine power Compare
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3.65 m
4' 8"
1.42 m
- 5 to 15
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5' 5"
1.65 m
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16' 5"
5 m
7' 1"
2.15 m
- 40
Outboard Dory 18 Outboard Dory 18 by
[OD18] Fast planing boat
5.5 m
7' 1"
2.15 m
- 30 - 70

Boats about same size as Fast Skiff 17

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