Fast Skiff 12 by

[FS12] Simple, economical 12' outboard skiff

Length overall12'3.65 m
Beam4' 8"1.42 m
Depth1' 10"0.56 m
Freeboard2' 8"0.81 m
Draft5"0.12 m
Weight159 lbs72 kg
Displacement452 lbs205 kg
Capacity661 lbs300 kg
Engine power5 to 15
Hull construction Stich-n-glue
Gallery 7 photos
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The Fast Skiff 12 has a program similar to our FL12 with a major difference: she is designed as a planing hull, without rocker and a moderate vee.

She is designed for a first time builder and is an excellent introduction to the material and the building method we use for our large power boats: true composite hull, simple set up on a jig made of a pair of 2 by 4's.

Difference between the FL12 and FS12

The FL12 is a displacement hull. That means that she will move easily through the water at displacement speeds, with oars or a small outboard. The FL12 will not plane even with a large outboard because of the rocker in the hull. The transom of the FL12 is above the waterline at normal trim and she can be lighter than a planing boat.

The FS12 is a planing hull without rocker. A planing boat must withstand heavier bottom loads and the transom must be able to transmit the thrust of the engine to the hull. For those reasons, the planing boat hull must be stronger and heavier. With her immersed transom, the FS12 will not row as well as the FL12.

Fast Skiff 12

Deck plan
Deck plan

Photo gallery

Fast Skiff 12 on the beach
Fast Skiff 12 on the beach


On the trailer
On the trailer

Ready to start
Ready to start

Fast Skiff 12 with modified round chine
Fast Skiff 12 with modified round chine

With motor
With motor

Seats on FS12
Seats on FS12

See also

Design Length Beam Sail area Engine power Compare
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3.53 m
3' 11"
1.2 m
- 1.5 - 5
Fast Skiff 14 Fast Skiff 14 by
[FS14] Simple, economical 14' outboard skiff; outboard skiff
4.27 m
5' 5"
1.65 m
- 6 to 15
Fast Skiff 17 Fast Skiff 17 by
[FS17] An easy to build but able vee hull
5.2 m
7' 1"
2.15 m
- 25 to 50

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