Gypsy by Woods Designs

Budget Offshore Cruiser with central cuddy

Length overall28'8.5 m
Waterline length26' 7"8.1 m
Beam17' 9"5.4 m
Draft2' 4"0.7 m
Headroom6' 1"1.85 m
Weight3968 lbs1800 kg
Displacement5291 lbs2400 kg
Sail area409 sq. ft.38.00 m2
Hull construction Plywood, Strip planking, Foam sandwich
See also SaturnRomany



The GYPSY 28 was the Woods Designs own cruising boat for five very successful years

It was designed as an easy to build budget ocean cruiser and many are now sailing in all corners of the world.

The central cuddy is a feature seen on several of our most recent designs, as it combines the advantages of the open deck boat's easy access forward with the central saloon and cockpit protection of a bridge deck cabin boat.

There is standing headroom and 4 berths in the hulls and a dinette and galley in the central cuddy - which also features standing headroom. Hulls can be flat panel or round bilge and GYPSY can be built in ply, foam sandwich or strip plank. It is the minimum size boat I suggest that a couple use for ocean cruising. It can be built in sections and assembled by the water.


See also

Design Length Beam Sail area Engine power Compare
Saturn Saturn by Woods Designs
8.8m hard chine performance cruiser with central cuddy
28' 10"
8.8 m
18' 4"
5.6 m
449 sq. ft.
41.70 m2
Romany Romany by Woods Designs
10.5m cruiser with central cuddy
10.4 m
20' 4"
6.2 m
595 sq. ft.
55.30 m2

Catamarans about same size as Gypsy

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