Linnet by Woods Designs

16ft seaworthy rowing boat

Length overall16'4.86 m
Beam4' 3"1.3 m
Weight108 lbs49 kg
Sail area38 sq. ft.3.50 m2
Engine power4hp max
Hull construction Stich-n-glue
Gallery 5 photos
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Like the BEE, the LINNET is a seaworthy rowing boat that has been specifically designed for sea use. Accordingly it does not have outriggers or a sliding seat while a small daggerboard is fitted to help prevent being blown sideways by the wind. A good load carrier LINNET can be rowed by 1-3 people. They have been built all over the world and have made some long coastal trips with the crew camping on board at night. Prehaps the most ambitious trip was a cruise down the River Shannon (the longest river in the British Isles) by a BEE and LINNET with the crew sleeping on board at night.

We deliberately used a retrousse transom on BEE so that it would not be possible to use an outboard engine. However, the conventional transom on LINNET means that fitting a small outboard (4hp max) is feasible. This will give an easy 6 knot cruising speed, but see the owners comments page!


Photo gallery


Linnet on the beach
Linnet on the beach

Launch site
Launch site

Linnet sailing
Linnet sailing


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Design Length Beam Sail area Engine power Compare
Bee Bee by Woods Designs
16ft seaworthy rowing boat
4.86 m
4' 3"
1.3 m
38 sq. ft.
3.50 m2

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