Quattro 14 by Woods Designs

14ft single trapeze beach catamaran

Length overall14'4.3 m
Waterline length13' 7"4.15 m
Beam6' 11"2.1 m
Weight176 lbs80 kg
Sail area141 sq. ft.13.10 m2
Hull construction Stich-n-glue
See also PixieQuattro 16

URL: http://sailingcatamarans.com/index.php/designs/1-beach-cats-and-dinghies-/6-quattro-14


The Quattro 14 has a hull shape similar to the PIXIE, but with the addition of small skegs (which help windward performance) and a larger, more sophisticated rig, and a trapeze for extra speed and power. Although many have been built over the years, very few builders have sent photos

As on the QUATTRO 16 aluminium tube crossbeams are used which throughbolt into the hulls forming a very rigid structure.

The QUATTRO 14 is for those who want to race, either singlehanded on the trapeze, or with two light crew (a youth trainer perhaps?)

Quattro 14

See also

Design Length Beam Sail area Engine power Compare
Pixie Pixie by Woods Designs
14ft fun beach catamaran
4.3 m
6' 11"
2.1 m
124 sq. ft.
11.50 m2
Quattro 16 Quattro 16 by Woods Designs
16ft twin trapeze beach catamaran
16' 5"
5 m
2.45 m
194 sq. ft.
18.00 m2

Catamarans about same size as Quattro 14

Pixie   Pixie
14ft fun beach catamaran

LOA: 14'/4.3 m   compare
Quattro 16   Quattro 16
16ft twin trapeze beach catamaran

LOA: 16' 5"/5 m   compare

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