Mollyhawk by John Welsford

A bigger "Seagull" with a sliding seat option

Length overall17' 6"5.34 m
Beam4'1.23 m
Hull construction Stich-n-glue



I have over the years had many enquiries for a simple open water sliding seat rowing craft. I was persuaded to draw up an extra sheet of plans for Seagull which incorporated a secure and sturdy sliding seat as well as extra bouyancy and mountings for footrests.

The boat itself can be built at the original length or if desired she can be stretched out to 5.336m (17 1/5 ft) at which she can pull two pairs of oars. The drawings include the seat and track detail, the outriggers and rowlocks and suggestions as to oars based on longer versions of the ones in Seagulls plans.


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