Bee by Woods Designs

16ft seaworthy rowing boat

Length overall16'4.86 m
Beam4' 3"1.3 m
Weight108 lbs49 kg
Sail area38 sq. ft.3.50 m2
Hull construction Stich-n-glue
Gallery 4 photos and 1 video
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BEE has a Vee bow which allows her to slice through a choppy sea. The moderate freeboard midships with reduced windage fore and aft plus the built in daggerboard case mean that sensible owners can take her out in coastal waters, in addition to all inland waterways.

BEE can also be fitted with a simple low rig for offwind sailing or when the crew are feeling lazy. Because of it's light weight and easily driven hull, BEE will surprise with her speed. BEE can easily be rowed for long periods by one, or even by two, but see report below. In either case there's room for passengers and lots of gear. She is stable, so you don't need to be an expert to handle her.

Because of her light weight BEE can easily be cartopped, opening up many more cruising grounds BEE is very easy to build using just 3 sheets of 4mm (3/16") and 3 sheets of 6mm (1/4") plywood, plus some timber and epoxy.

Note: The BEE and LINNET are very similar designs, differering mainly in their aesthetic appeal, although BEE's slightly longer waterline makes it a little bit faster.


Photo gallery


Two adults and two children aboard
Two adults and two children aboard


Lifted by two
Lifted by two

Video gallery

Having fun on a Bee rowing boat
Having fun on a Bee rowing boat
Rowing boats are not always rowed! A family having fun on a 5m (16ft) homebuilt plywood rowing boat Bee. This boat was 18 years old when the video was taken.

See also

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Linnet Linnet by Woods Designs
16ft seaworthy rowing boat
4.86 m
4' 3"
1.3 m
38 sq. ft.
3.50 m2
4hp max

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