Open Pilot 21 by

[OP21] The Open Pilot 21 is a larger, open cockpit version of P19

Length overall21'6.38 m
Beam8' 6"2.59 m
Weight1252 lbs568 kg
Engine power90 - 150
Hull construction Stich-n-glue
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The Open Pilot 21 (OP21) is a larger, open cockpit version of our P19, the vee hull version of our HM19. The proven hull shape with a typical moderate vee similar to the C21. 45 degrees at the cutwater, 10 degrees at the transom. Sufficient deadrise to run smoothly in bad weather but moderate enough to provide good stability at slow speed without the wild roll typical of deeper vee hulls.

The hull shape is related to our C21 but not identical: see the bow and sheerline for example. The topsides are built with one wide panel instead of two overlapping ones.

The generous freeboard and the classic sheer are tried and true features contributing to seaworthiness. This boat will negotiate both head and following seas with ease. Lightly loaded, the OP21 will require 90 HP to cruise in the low 30 mph range. 125 HP is recommended for a well equipped boat at full load.

This boats transom is designed for a standard 25" shaft. The transom can easily be modified to accept other shaft lengths.

The self bailing cockpit depth minimum 26" with 12" wide gunwales, is another important element of safety. Her PPI is at DWL is 543 lbs (247 kg). Thanks to the freeboard and transom design, she can be rated to a max. capacity of eight persons (USCG) and we recommend engines in the 90 to 150 HP range. While stronger than the typical production fiberglass boat of that size, she is also lighter and does not require as much HP (or fuel) to cruise at the same speed.

From stern to bow

Large lockers on each side of the motorwell can be used for storage or bait well. The self-bailing cockpit sole is high enough to stay above the waterline until the displacement reaches 3,300 lbs.

Under the cockpit floor, we show 60 gallons fixed fuel tanks.

The skipper will find enough room in front of the wheel to mount electronics and we use the extension of the cabin roof as a dashboard. The same surface on the port side can be a small chart table.

Access to the cabin is through a companionway.

The vee berth is 7'-4" long and a Porta-Potti slides under the mid section. On deck, the 8" wide gunwales extend all along the cabin side.


There is room for a bench in the rear if one needs more seating.

Under the gunwales, the frames can be cut to act as rod holders. There is ample storage room in the seat boxes: they extend all the way to the hull sides. With the proper foam insulation, a seatbox can be used as an ice box.

We show a small hatch in the roof for light and ventilation, no portholes but they are easy to add.

The OP21 can be made unsinkable with expandable buoyancy foam under the sole while foam sheets glued under the gunwales will guarantee upright floatation.

Open Pilot 21


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