The Honker 15 by

[HK15] A highly serviceable hunting and fishing skiff

Length overall14' 9"4.5 m
Beam3' 7"1.1 m
Weight110 lbs50 kg
Engine powerup to 1.5
Hull construction Stich-n-glue



We were researching duck boats in preparation for the design of the Duck Skiff 15 (DS15) and DS12. That was the description of an attractive boat discovered in an old Do It Yourself magazine from the 50's.

Many types of boats can be used for hunting, our GF boats for example, and some duck boats can be used for other purposes.

The Honker is one of those multi purpose boats and we decided to adapt the old plywood on frame design to our material.

We liked the semi decked hull and the high coaming. The raised transom will take a small outboard: we did cut a tiny motor well in the aft deck to reach the clamps.

She could also be built without the gunwales (side decks) for those who want to row her.

The flat bottom hull is easy to build. This is a 3 panel boat, the hull goes together in one weekend.

Our second generation stitch and glue method will produce a lighter, stronger and longer lasting boat than an a plywood on frame one.

Plywood on frame requires wood working skills and equipment: parts must be accurately beveled for tight joints and metallic fasteners are used. In stitch and glue, you cut the hull panels, bend them around the simple plywood frames and tape all seams with fiberglass and epoxy. A perfect fit between parts is not required, quite the opposite, we prefer a small gap. No jig is required to build this boat.

The hull is fiberglassed: in this case the whole outside. All plywood is coated with epoxy before painting.

The Honker will fit the smallest budget: 5 sheets of 1/4" (6 mm) plywood and a few gallons of epoxy is all what you need.

Fully decked and fitted with a nice coaming, her cockpit will stay reasonably dry.

The Honker is wider and more stable than a canoe. You can fit her with an electric trolling motor or a small outboard and also use paddles.

The Honker 15

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