Duck Skiff 15 by

[DS15] 15' Duck Boat

Length overall15' 6"4.73 m
Beam5' 8"1.73 m
Draft6"0.15 m
Weight265 lbs120 kg
Engine power25
Hull construction Stich-n-glue



The Duck Skiff 15 is a typical duck hunting boat designed to travel good distances over open water while carrying two or more hunters with substantial amounts of gear.

It has some of the attributes of a sneak box: it can take a blind and the hull shape produces minimal slap.

Our builders were asking for that type of boat since years. There are many old plans for plywood available and also a good number of commercially produced boats. We took the best features of those boats and combined them in a new boat designed for our material of choice: epoxy-plywood-fiberglass composite.

The hull and layout is similar to all other duck boats in that size. The vee hull is deep enough to run smooth in a chop but wide for stability.

At the designed displacement of 600 lbs, the chine touches the water. The boat has a PPI of 224 lbs and can take more than 1,000 lbs payload. At 1,445 lbs, the draft is only 9".

The transom is designed for a 20" shaft but other shaft lengths can be used by raising the transom or cutting it lower. The plans do not show a fixed fuel tank but a 12 gallon Tempo will fit under the foredeck.

The cockpit, as designed, is 107 by 48" but it can be made larger or smaller.

Construction differs from other duck boats, even from other stitch and glue boats. Our hulls use a thin core of 1/4" plywood between layers of structural directional fiberglass in epoxy. The main hull stiffener is the sole bonded to the hull with fiberglass tape. The volume under the sole is watertight and provide bouyancy. The whole boat, deck included, is a stiff but still light monocoque structure (one piece) structure.

Since we couldn't decide between a plain transom and sponsoons, we designed the two versions and made them available as options.

Duck Skiff 15

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