Wizard by Woods Designs

Folding trailable catamaran with central cuddy

Length overall22'6.7 m
Waterline length21' 8"6.6 m
Beam13'3.95 m
Draft3' 7"1.1 m
Draft (cb up)8"0.2 m
Headroom6' 1"1.85 m
Weight1764 lbs800 kg
Displacement2866 lbs1300 kg
Sail area278 sq. ft.25.80 m2
Hull construction Plywood, Strip planking, Foam sandwich

URL: http://sailingcatamarans.com/index.php/designs/2-catamarans-under-25ft/161-wizard


The WIZARD is a revolutionary design that offers 5 - 6 berths in 3 cabins, standing headroom, easy trailing, stability AND performance. The lifting hatch combined with the 'pop-bottom' gives standing headroom in the bridgedeck. The latter is raised when sailing. For the first time in a trailable catamaran there is a genuine double bunk.

It is legally trailable world-wide behind a family car. One person can assemble and rig it in under an hour ready for launching with no heavy lifting (e.g. the mast is raised using the trailer winch).

Wizard overcomes the trailing problems outlined earlier by using separate launching trollies. The road trailer uses swinging "gallows" to allow the boat to be raised clear of the ground (again using the trailer winch). When in the "up" position the crossbeams hinge and the hulls swing under the central cabin to reduce the width to the 2.5m trailing limit.

The Wizard is roomy. In its 22' length there are 5 berths in 3 cabins for privacy (3 singles in the hulls and one double on the bridge deck), a separate toilet compartment. Galley and a dinette seating 5. There is standing headroom in the galley using a "pop bottom" in the bridge deck. For an interior drawing see Sango which has a similar layout.

It is fast, the computer predicts speeds of 10 knots under power (with a 15hp outboard) and 16-18 knots under sail (with the racing rig). Practice confirms this, see the youtube video of a Wizard sailing in S California, below.

Yet it is maneuverable and easy to sail single-handed. It has shallow draft and is beachable.


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