Merlin by Woods Designs

A compromise between Gwahir and Strider

Length overall25'7.65 m
Waterline length23'7 m
Beam15'4.6 m
Draft3' 3"1 m
Draft (cb up)10"0.25 m
Headroom4' 5"1.35 m
Weight1433 lbs650 kg
Displacement2425 lbs1100 kg
Sail area331 sq. ft.30.75 m2
Hull construction Strip planking



Merlin was designed as a compromise between Strider and Gwahir.

The hulls are finer than on the Strider for improved strong wind performance, but the hulls have more free board and the cabins are longer than on Gwahir, making Merlin a more attractive cruising boat. The interior layout is the same as Shadow.


Catamarans about same size as Merlin

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