Waller 1100 (Mk II) by Mike Waller Yacht Design

36 ft all plywood bridgedeck cruising catamaran

Length overall36'10.97 m
Waterline length34' 3"10.43 m
Beam19' 2"5.84 m
Draft3' 5"1.04 m
Headroom6' 7"2 m
Weight11023 lbs5000 kg
Displacement13228 lbs6000 kg
Capacity4409 lbs2000 kg
Sail area801 sq. ft.74.40 m2
Hull construction Plywood
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URL: http://wallerdesign.com.au/wal1100.html


The WALLER 1100 Mk II is a full bridge deck cat built entirely of marine plywood, to produce a sound and comfortable ocean cruising yacht at a lower cost than is typical of catamarans built in most other materials. In this period of ever increasing costs associated with boat building, the use of plywood and the wood / epoxy boat building technique is a sound and economic exercise for the amateur boat builder.


The Waller 1100 Mk II is a development of our original Mk I design, and has been improved in numerous small but important ways over the original design in response to the requests and comments of our builders. She is a full bridge deck catamaran intended to be easy and inexpensive to build, and yet capable of living aboard and ocean voyaging. Because she is intended for extensive live aboard cruising, she has been designed for strength, load carrying ability and internal roominess. She is designed for safe but good performance rather than all out speed, and as such is, at 6 Tonne, a medium displacement vessel.

The design features mini keels for cruising simplicity, safety and cost effectiveness and inboard diesel engines for safety and convenience.


The Waller 1100 Mk II comes with a medium tech fully battened sailing rig and alloy mast and boom as standard. The rig is the typical heavy roached, fully battened main and 7/8th rig which time has shown to be the most efficient rig for this type of vessel.


The Waller 1100 Mk II is all plywood with some timber framing. The multi chine shape of the hulls and the careful design of the deck and turret cabin mean that there are no compound curves on the vessel, thus making the use of sheet plywood very simple whilst still retaining a stylish appearance. The basic construction is ply skin over an armature of plywood bulkheads, frames and timber longitudinals, with fiberglass sheathing overall on the outer hull surfaces. Full use has been made of timber / epoxy construction, with timber framing used only where it is necessary, or is the more logical choice.


The Waller 1100 Mk II comes with two standard alternate accomodation plans (galley up and galley down.) Both arrangement plans feature twin berth cabins forward and a double berth in the aft Starboard hull, with W.C./ Shower compartment to port aft. The galley up arrangement features galley and dinette on the bridge deck, whilst the galley down features a larger lounge area and navigation chart table on the bridge deck , plus a larger galley in the mid starboard hull.

Waller 1100 (Mk II)

Galley down interior
Galley up interior

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