Pippie 8 Sailing Trainer by Mike Waller Yacht Design

'Nutshell' style sailing dingy for 1 or 2 people

Length overall7' 7"2.3 m
Waterline length6' 1"1.86 m
Beam4' 2"1.26 m
Draft1' 10"0.56 m
Draft (cb up)6"0.14 m
Weight132 lbs60 kg
Sail area43 sq. ft.4.04 m2
Hull construction Stich-n-glue
See also Pippie 8 Yacht Tender

URL: http://wallerdesign.com.au/pippie8st.html


The Pippie 8 Sailing Trainer is a 'Nutshell' style sailing dingy designed for 1 or 2 people. Its designed purpose is for sailing one up, as a trainer for children, or as a small 'knock about' dingy for a larger cruising yacht, which can be rowed, scull, sailed or operated with a small outboard motor.

The Pippie 8 is constructed from plywood using the wood / epoxy method, and tack and tape / stitch and glue construction. It can be constructed by one person from 4 sheets of plywood (3 x 6mm and 1 x 9mm) including centerboard and rudder. The rig is a simple stock alloy tube unstayed mast with a simple loose footed and pocket luff sail.

The Pippie Trainer and the Pippie Tender are basically the same boat. The Trainer can be used as a dingy and the sailing rig and rudder added later. The weight of the dinghy wll vary depending on the type of plywood used, but with medium weight ply should not exceed 60Kg.

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Design Length Beam Sail area Engine power Compare
Pippie 8 Yacht Tender by Mike Waller Yacht Design
Free version of Pippie 8 Sailing Trainer
7' 7"
2.3 m
4' 2"
1.26 m
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