Coral Cove 31 (Mk II) by Mike Waller Yacht Design

31 ft plywood bridge deck cruising catamaran

Length overall31'9.42 m
Waterline length27'8.24 m
Beam18' 8"5.7 m
Draft2' 10"0.88 m
Weight6504 lbs2950 kg
Displacement7716 lbs3500 kg
Capacity2425 lbs1100 kg
Sail area541 sq. ft.50.26 m2
Engine power2 x 9-10
See also Coral Cove 40




The Coral Cove 31 is intended to fit somewhere between the polynesian catamaran concept and more high tech. catamarans. The Coral Cats use absolutely no exotic materials. To keep construction simple and costs low they are designed for all plywood construction, using the proven timber / epoxy construction technique.

The Coral Cove 31 is a full bridge deck cat, and has a multi chine hull with mini keels and balanced spade rudders for construction simplicity. Auxiliary power is provided by twin outboard motors (9 - 10 hp max.) mounted in pods under the bridgedeck, accessed through the cockpit seats.


The CC31 is fitted with a modern, medium tech rig, with heavy roach and full battens, and is more performance oriented than the average cheap plywood catamaran. The main driving force of this rig is the main sail, with the foresail providing a slot effect for efficiency in a similar fashion to dingy rigs. Small overlapping genoas can also be fitted, however for simplicity many builders will choose to sail with non overlapping headsails. The plans allow for either option. The rig may be set up in the normal way, or with lower cost rope lashings in place of expensive turnbuckles.


The CC31, like all of the Coral Cats, features a fiberglass sheathed plywood hull shell over a framework of plywood bulkheads and timber longitudinals. This has proven over time and thousands of boats, to be the quickest, cheapest and best alternative for amateur builders on a budget. Absolutely no exotic or expensive materials, such as expensive foams, balsa or carbon fibre, are be used in the construction


The main accommodation has been optimized for a couple or small family rather than going for maximum berths. There is a full size double berth aft in each hull, and a single in the starb'd hull.

Toilet / shower are in a separate compartment. A good size and workable galley fills the mid section to starboard, whilst to port a small chart area fills this space. There is full headroom throughout the hull accommodation areas and good sitting headroom over berths. There is full sitting headroom in the bridge deck saloon area, however standing headroom is only 1.525mm.

Coral Cove 31 (Mk II)

Interior layout

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