Trailer Sailer 32 by Chesapeake Marine Design

Sailing Cruiser

Length overall32'9.75 m
Beam8' 6"2.59 m
Draft4' 6"1.37 m
Draft (cb up)2' 6"0.76 m
Weight11000 lbs4990 kg
Sail area320 sq. ft.29.73 m2
Engine power25 (inboard)
Hull construction Plywood
See also Trailer Sailer 24



TRAILER SAILER 32 is a maximum road sized boat capable of road cruising to destinations around the country. She is also a very capable cruiser when she arrives. She has self righting ability to 130 degrees which is impressive for a shallow draft boat. Construction is plywood and epoxy with strip planked radius chine. Her raised deck provides a roomy feel below. Her bilge keels and leeboards provide a clean interior cabin. There is an option for bilge boards worked into the interior arrangement in lieu of leeboards.

There are options for sail rigs as well depending on the type of sailing planned by the owner. A hull kit is available for an easy start to construction.

Estimated cost for quality construction materials (not including power or sails) is $4 to $6 per pound. This cost includes a high level of outfit and finish you can be proud of after putting the effort into building this fine boat.

Trailer Sailer 32

Alternative Cat Ketch rig
Alternative Cat Ketch rig

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