Moonfish 14 by

[MF14] A lateen rigged board boat

Length overall14' 5"4.4 m
Beam4'1.22 m
Weight150 lbs68 kg
Sail area69 sq. ft.6.40 m2
Hull construction Stich-n-glue



Technically, our Moonfish is a lateen rigged board boat similar to the Fun Fish, Shock sailboard, Skimmer, Jumper, Mini-Cup etc. etc. all designed for amateur building but none in stitch and glue. Also produced in fiberglass under the names Phantom, Sunfish, Dolphin and maybe more.

Our Moonfish has a vee-hull and the typical lateen rig but was designed as all our boats, with ease of building as a top priority.

The Moonfish is slightly longer than the Sunfish and the sail area a little smaller but one could rig this boat not only with a complete Sunfish rig but also use a Sunfish rudder and daggerboard. Attention: there is no backwards compatibility, our rudder and daggerboard are different and will not fit a Sunfish.

The shallow cockpit can be fitted with foot straps, and rigging details like the downhauler and tiller extension can be adapted to suit the sailors preference.

The plans show a fixed rudder blade but it would be easy to build a lifting rudder.

The rig is made of plain aluminum tubing assembled with parts that one can find in any hardware store. We included dimensions and parts layout to build the rudder fittings from plain aluminum flat stock: no need to pay expensive marine store prices.

Moonfish 14

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