Flat Skiff 14 by Bateau.com

[FL14] General purpose skiff, very easy to build. Oars or outboard

Length overall14'4.25 m
Beam4' 5"1.35 m
Weight110 lbs50 kg
Engine power7.5
Hull construction Stich-n-glue
See also Flat Skiff 12Fast Skiff 14

URL: http://www.bateau.com/proddetail.php?prod=FL14&cat=16


This is an enlarged version of the Flat Skiff 11' 6". She requires two more sheets of plywood but is still very easy and fast to build. If you ever thought of buying one of the aluminum utility boats sold by department stores, build this one instead. She will cost you less, look better and you can customize her easily to fit your preferences. She is designed for small outboards up to 7.5 hp but a 1.5 hp outboard will move her at hull speed. She is not a planing boat: look at the rocker in the bottom but she can be rowed in case of need.

Flat Skiff 14

See also

Design Length Beam Sail area Engine power Compare
Flat Skiff 12 Flat Skiff 12 by Bateau.com
[FL12] General purpose skiff, very easy to build. Oars or outboard
11' 7"
3.53 m
3' 11"
1.2 m
- 1.5 - 5
Fast Skiff 14 Fast Skiff 14 by Bateau.com
[FS14] Simple, economical 14' outboard skiff; outboard skiff
4.27 m
5' 5"
1.65 m
- 6 to 15

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