Corsair 11 by

[CR11] a sturdy but performant small boat, an ideal first sailboat for one or two people

Length overall10' 9"3.28 m
Beam4' 4"1.31 m
Weight161 lbs73 kg
Sail area55 sq. ft.5.10 m2
Hull construction Stich-n-glue
Gallery 6 photos
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The Corsair 11 is a sturdy but performant small boat, an ideal first sailboat for one or two persons. Complete with mainsail, jib and spinnaker, she is an excellent introduction to technical sailing. Very able, buoyant and fully decked, the CR11 can take some bad weather.

The Corsair can be built fully decked or with an open stern.

The plans show two sails and four different spars.

  • The standard rig totals 55 sq.ft. plus spinnaker, the sprit rig is a little smaller at 53 sq.ft.
  • The "standard" sail plan uses a regular aluminum profile. Dimensions and part numbers are given on the plans. Battens and reef line are optional.
  • The sprit sail plan uses almost the same triangular sail shape: this is not the same sprit sail as in our PK78 etc. Here, the sprit replaces the boom. There should be no major performance difference between the sprit sail and the standard sail. It may even perform better with the carbon fiber mast, see below.
  • The economical version of the sail plan combines a sprit sail with a wooden mast and wooden sprit. Solid wood or hollow: all the dimensions are on the plans. No hardware at all required for that sail plan.
  • A variation of each sail plan shows a 6 kg (14 lbs) carbon fiber mast. The specifications are listed but marked "experimental". It is a proven carbon fiber mast, similar to those used on racing Cherubs but it's fabrication require more skills than a wooden one. No vacuum bagging required and we supply all the materials.
  • Each mast can be made as a rotating mast to improve performance even further. The plans show a Delrin sleeve and mast step pivot. This is an option.
  • Each sail plan shows the sheet, blocks and all details needed to rig the boat plus exact sail, running and standing rigging dimensions.

The Corsair 11 can be made unsinkable with buoyancy foam poured in place under the seats and deck.

All these options can be combined to customize your boat: build her as simple or as sophisticated as you want.

Corsair 11

Deck plan
Deck plan
Sprit Rig Sail Plan
Sprit Rig Sail Plan

Photo gallery

Side view
Side view

Corsair 11 on the beach
Corsair 11 on the beach

On the trailer
On the trailer

Spinnaker up, pole out
Spinnaker up, pole out

Spi setup, looking forward
Spi setup, looking forward

Cockpit, ready to sail
Cockpit, ready to sail

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