V-Bottom Dingy 10 by Bateau.com

[V10] General purpose vee bottom type dinghy. Oars, sail or outboard

Length overall10'3.05 m
Beam4' 5"1.35 m
Weight86 lbs39 kg
Sail area32 sq. ft.3.00 m2
Engine power6
Hull construction Stich-n-glue

URL: http://www.bateau.com/proddetail.php?prod=V10


This is an excellent and good looking dinghy that can be used for rowing, sailing or with an outboard. She has good carrying capacity but is still light enough to car top. She is very stable and has a hull shape that will easily go through the chop of a windy anchorage. The V-bottom takes a little more time to build but it makes her a much better boat than a flat bottom. As a tender, she is probably going to be fitted with an outboard most of the time but she will row very properly. She could also be turned into a sailing dinghy with a sprit rig: a sail plan option is included. Plans for a stretched version of this boat are available: 12' long, same beam: see the V12.

The sail option is not shown but she is rigged with a sprit sail, 35 sq.ft. same type of rig than our D4.

V-Bottom Dingy 10

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