Classic 17 by

[C17] A small but practical outboard boat with cuddy cabin

Length overall17' 2"5.24 m
Beam7'2.13 m
Draft8"0.2 m
Weight628 lbs285 kg
Displacement1504 lbs682 kg
Engine power50
Hull construction Stich-n-glue
See also Open Classic 17Classic 19



The C17 is a compact cruiser with a seaworthy classic style hull similar to the C19.

The hull is based on our C19 design: generous volume, ample freeboard, well defended bow. In proper hands, this boat can take bad weather safely. The deadrise is 45 degrees at the cutwater progressing towards 11 degrees at the transom. This an ideal hull shape that will run smoothly in bad weather but moderate enough to provide good stability at slow speed without the wild roll typical of deeper vee hulls.

This boats transom is designed for a standard 20" shaft. The transom can easily be modified to accept other shaft lengths.

The cockpit is self bailing at DWL. The 8" wide gunwales and the coaming will keep the crew dry and safe. The deep cockpit is not only safe but gives that "big boat" feel particular to our Classic designs series. Despite all that volume, the hull is surprisingly light and does not require large engines to plane. The C17 is a very economical boat especially when fitted with a 4 stroke outboard.

The cabin roof is approximately 48" above the sole (height varies with camber). This gives a safe unobstructed view from the wheel. The addition of a canvas enclosure and windshield or even a hardtop shelter will provide complete protection from the elements and standing headroom in the cockpit. Dimensioned cabin layout is included in the plans.

There are many options to consider but the first one should be positive and upright buoyancy (unsinkable boat).

This can easily be easily achieved with our marine flotation foam. For production boats in that size, the USCG requires upright floatation. Our foam kits provide 8 cubic feet of extra buoyancy per 2 gallon kit. This means that 4 gallons of foam (2 kits) will provide around 1,000 lbs of buoyancy and that is what we recommend.

The plans include 3 different layouts to choose from.

The builder is given complete freedom to adapt the cockpit layout to his preferences. The plans show all dimensions to build the boat with a wide open cockpit and minimal framing or with benches, long or short. The cabin bulkhead can be built with one or two consoles, with a closed or open port side.

Classic 17

See also

Design Length Beam Sail area Engine power Compare
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17' 2"
5.24 m
2.14 m
- 50
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19' 2"
5.85 m
2.44 m
- 90 - 150

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