Abaco 23 by Bateau.com

[AB23] A classic looking sport fishing boat. Single or twin outboards, bracket option

Length overall23'7.02 m
Beam8'2.45 m
Draft1' 5"0.42 m
Displacement5000 lbs2268 kg
Engine powerup to 300
Hull construction Stich-n-glue

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The Abaco 23 is a classic, smooth riding hull. 17 degrees deadrise at transom, variable deadrise. The hull shape and styling is inspired by the rugged Bahamian outboard boats from the Abacos, therefore the name.

The legendary smoothness of those boats in heavy seas is mostly due to their hull shape. Most of today's small and fast planing hulls have parallel buttocks or, in other words, a constant deadrise from about the middle to the stern. The Abaco 23 has a hull closer to large deep sea fishing planing boats or classic hulls from before Ray Hunt. The Abaco 23 has a variable deadrise with a sharp forefoot to achieve high speed rough water comfort.

The slight warp of the bottom has another advantage, it induces planing at moderate speed. The transition between displacement and planing speed is much smoother than in a constant deadrise hull.

The price to pay for those qualities is a small penalty in top speed.

The hull has a classic chine step that acts as a spray rail.

Power and speed

Loaded to 4,000 lbs, a single 300 HP will push the AB23 to max. 45 mph. With a 225 HP, same weight, top speed will be 39 mph.

Keep in mind that our design priority was seaworthiness and comfort (smooth ride) , not speed. If speed had been the top concern, we would have designed a dihedral hull. She is not a sluggish boat, even with a smaller engine like 150 HP, top speed will be 32 mph. We do not recommend to fit her with less than 150 HP.

As usual, those figures are for a clean hull with an engine in perfect condition.


The AB23 is a classic center console sport fishing boat. The payout is simple and uncluttered but see the available options further down if you need more seating or a different layout.

The cockpit is self draining up to 5,000 lbs displacement.


There are several power options.

The Abaco 23 can be built with a traditional motor well for a single or twin engines. A single engine fits her style and those who want back up power should consider a kicker outboard on a lifting bracket.

The plans show all dimensions to build the boat with a closed transom for an outboard bracket, single or twin or single with a kicker engine.

In the case of the bracket version, there is sufficient room in the stern to have a removable bench. That bench will provide additional seating and can be removed during fishing trips.

There is room for larger fuel tanks.

The console can be lengthened to accommodate a small head. This is discussed in the plan's notes. We suggest to move the fuel tanks around to make room for the head between the mid stringers.

The shop manual shows how to add lifting strakes, a skeg and even an extra spray rail.

The skeg is a highly recommended option.

The plans can be customized as long as the builder does not compromise the structure.

Abaco 23

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