Crayfish by Woods Designs

8ft yacht tender

Length overall7' 10"2.4 m
Beam3' 11"1.2 m
Weight44 lbs20 kg
Engine power2.5hp max
Hull construction Stich-n-glue
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CRAYFISH is a 8' long pram bowed yacht tender, built from 2 1/2 sheets of 4mm ply. It is a good introduction to the art of boatbuilding and also a very useful little boat! It can carry three adults and can be fitted with a small sail or outboard. Weight is about 40lbs so its easy to car top or carry on board. We know from personal experience over the last 20 years that its also a lot more durable than an inflatable. It makes an ideal introductory project before starting a larger boat and is really useful once the big boat is finished!



Photo gallery

Crayfish sailing
Crayfish sailing


Crayfish with three adults aboard
Crayfish with three adults aboard

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